Five Cheap Vintage Graded Basketball Cards To Consider

If you like some history with your basketball card collection, but you would rather not pay a fortune to own it, we have some assistance.  Here’s a list of five cheap vintage graded basketball cards to think about when you’re pondering your next purchase and why we think they provide good value for the money. […]

10 Most Iconic Basketball Rookie Cards

It’s a highly debatable subject but the list of the best basketball rookie cards to own has at least five or six cards that simply can’t be left off anyone’s list. In no particular order, here are those that would be on the expanded Mt. Rushmore of great vintage basketball cards.  Click the title to […]

1980s Basketball Cards Chronicle Rise of Great Careers, Rivalries

Five championships for the Lakers and three for the Celtics during the 1980s meant plenty of people watching the NBA. But it wasn’t until late in the decade that basketball cards became a popular hobby.  1980s basketball card sets are an interesting mix–from the Topps” tail-off to the rogue stylings of STAR to the return […]

History of Basketball Card Sets

Basketball card collectors have a large assortment of manufacturers, card sizes and players to consider. The history of basketball card sets, however, is relatively recent compared to baseball cards. For many collectors, it is easy to remember the earliest sets as they each had their own decade. 1948 Bowman, 1957-58 Topps and 1961-62 Fleer are […]

Most Expensive Basketball Cards

Basketball card collectors will spend big to secure two types of rare cards, vintage cards in perfect condition and low-numbered modern cards of NBA superstars. A list of the most expensive basketball cards usually involves both. At the top of the list is the first true pro basketball superstar. George Mikan rookie cards and other […]