Investing in Basketball Cards

While there are millions of people who collect for fun, trading cards can also be a valuable asset and some do make money by investing in basketball cards. Graded cards are where the money is.  While card companies today create the idea of scarcity by numbering them,  the numbers of old basketball cards in top grade are limited […]

Best Old Basketball Cards to Buy

Unlike football and baseball, we didn’t really see a full set of hoops cardboard until 1948, had only one set in the 50s and nothing again until the late 1960s.  It’s a relatively new collecting genre and while identifying the best old basketball cards to buy is a little subjective, there are some cards that […]

Guide to Basketball Card Holders and Cases

Collectors want their cards to be in the best condition when they acquire them and to keep them that way, it’s wise to invest in an assortment of basketball card holders and supplies.  Some cards can be kept in a cardboard sports card box but a different approach is needed for the cards that are […]

Complete Guide to Julius Erving Basketball Cards

Dr. J was a rare player.  He won titles and MVP awards in two leagues and lifted the profile of the sport of basketball through his amazing athleticism.  When he was at the top of the NBA, Falco’s music videos were popular, Hulk Hogan had just won his first championship and Knight Rider was a […]

1970s Knicks Featured Dave Stallworth, Phil Jackson Rookie Cards

The 1969-70 New York Knicks team holds a special place in the memory banks of fans who grew up in the era.  Red Holzman’s guys were the first New York “winter” team to win a championship since 1940 and there were a raft of books written both immediately after that year as well as in […]

1986-87 Fleer Basketball

The ultra popular 1986-87 Fleer basketball set has some of the greatest players of all time in it, like Larry Bird and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but most collectors are primarily after Michael Jordan’s rookie card. Jordan was famous for his highlight dunks, ten NBA scoring titles, six NBA championships, a couple of Olympic gold medals and […]

1980-81 Topps Basketball

The 1980-81 Topps basketball set is known primarily for just one card, the dual Larry Bird-Magic Johnson rookie card. Three small cards joined together to form one standard card, Bird is on the left with the Johnson rookie card on the right, and in the middle was Julius Erving’s 76ers Scoring Leader card. Topps opted for a new […]

1979-80 Topps Basketball

One that is overlooked by collectors, the 1979-80 Topps basketball set is affordable and has plenty of cards of Hall of Famers.  At just 132 cards and with a rather uninspiring design, it’s not one of Topps’ best efforts, but there’s no denying the quality of the players. The front of the card uses a basketball with […]